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Play a better game on the field with appropriate baseball cleat

Baseball is the favorite sport of America and every child would have played it at least a few times. It is often the best way of bonding between a parent and the child. Baseball shoes are one of the specialized version of athletic shoes called as baseball cleats. The cleats usually have some kind of protrusions such as spikes or studs at the sole of the shoes to provide best support to run across the field filled with dirt, grass, artificial turf and various other slippery surfaces.

You need to buy exclusive baseball cleats if you regularly play the game. While shoes for other sports also have spikes and studs, baseball shoes are designed differently. Baseball cleats are characterized by the typical toe stud, uniform cleats and superior ankle support. These cleats were discovered by Paul Butler in 1840 when he attached spikes to his leather shoes to improve his game performance.

Baseball shoes are almost always made of leather or synthetic leather due to its durability. While you have to compromise on breathability factor with synthetic leather, often it is an affordable option as it also provides additional support for the ankle and foot.

Baseball cleats are found in three distinct styles – low top, mid top and high top. These shoes vary significantly in the way they provide ankle support. SportsWorldNY carries superior types of baseball shoes with both rubber and metal studs. Many athletes also prefer to purchase shoes with interchangeable studs.