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Pamper yourself with the best golf shoes

The golf game doesn’t require running around and most often golfers look for simple and comfortable shoes. If you play the full 18 holes, you will be on the golf course for four to six hours while walking four miles per course. So, you should choose the best shoes that provide comfort and support.

Classic golf shoes with spikes provide traction and style. These shoes are available in multiple colors with soft plastic or metal spikes. One of the latest introduction to the golf shoes is the spikeless shoes. The flat soled shoes made of rubber are lightweight and stylish. However, they are not waterproof and they are not highly suitable when you need grip and stability. A golf boot is an expensive model that is great for use in winter weather. These shoes are waterproof and made of breathable material. Golfers who live in hot climate prefer to wear golf sandals instead of stuffy shoes. The toeless design makes this shoe extremely breathable, but this can't be used in wet weather.

Leather is the most popular choice of material for golfers. However, if you want something less expensive, you can choose synthetic uppers, but you have to compromise on the breathable nature of the shoes. If you frequently play in winter weather, you should choose thicker material that keeps you warm and comfortable.

Even though many tour professionals still use golf shoes with metal spikes, it is much better to purchase shoes with plastic spikes because they are lightweight and comfortable. SportsWorldNY carries the best golf shoes in various price ranges so that you can make a better choice.