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Ultrafit Waterproof Swim Goggles Sports Glasses Water & Triathlon Goggles, Purple and Blue by Cycland(TM)

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Product Description

We are happy to present the excellent Ultrafit Waterproof Swim Goggles Sports Glasses Water & Triathlon Goggles, Purple and Blue.

With so many available these days, it is wise to have a make you can recognise. The Ultrafit Waterproof Swim Goggles Sports Glasses Water & Triathlon Goggles, Purple and Blue is certainly that and will be a perfect buy.

For this reduced price, the Ultrafit Waterproof Swim Goggles Sports Glasses Water & Triathlon Goggles, Purple and Blue is widely recommended and is a regular choice for many people. Cycland(TM) have added some nice touches and this equals good value.

Manufacturer Description

Swimming goggles tends to make the experience of your swimming even a great deal more interesting. Goggles protect your eyes from chlorine (and anything else that may be in the water), and they help you keep your eyes open while you swim so that you can see where you're going. If you are intending for swimming anywhere, you can see the underwater fish. You can find it quite interesting experience and without goggles, it might be practical for you to view the objects of underwater clearly. Also, if there'll be fog, then you definitely won't be able to be aware of the things clearly.

The Ultrafit Waterproof Swim Goggles are perfect for pool, open water swimming and triathlon making them ideal for both racing and training.

Product features:
- non-toxic
- eco-friendly
- flexible material
- long lasting

Usage instruction:
1. Before using, moisten the inside lens to get better antifogging effect.
2. Properly adjust the tightness of the rear belt to the angle of the nose frame.
3. Wash with clean water then air dry.

1. Each time after using, wash the glasses with clean water and air dry (do not use the cloth to wash or scrub the lens)
2. Put the glasses in the box after air dried to avoid scraping the lens.

The photos above will show you how nice this product is.

Product Features

MANUFACTURED FROM PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS: The lens of the goggles are made of high density polycarbonate material, which gives lens the following characteristics: shock resistance, clear sight line, and effective eye protection (UV protection). Wide high-definition polycarbonate hard lens with superior optical properties gives great peripheral vision. Straps and lens gaskets are made of silicone to ensure long term durability and flexibility while in use. EQUIPPED WITH ANTI-FOG SYSTEM: It is polished with premium antifogging agent with strong hydrophilic, to deliver consistent moisture control, which could keep the sight line clear and superb clarity of vision even underwater. These latex free goggles retain clarity without the need for traditional anti-fog spray application and re-application. EMBEDDED UV PROTECTION (ULTRAVIOLET-PROOF): The surface of the glasses are electroplated, which could reflect strong sunlight effectively. The material of lens is Unit-UV treated, which could prevent ultraviolet rays effectively, and also protect eyes outdoors. STANDARDIZED UNIBODY DESIGN: Unique frame technology, a durable long lasting frame with soft silicone gaskets offering a super comfortable fit for all sizes. This performance goggles features a unibody design to fit various facial types, as well as a wide peripheral range for optimal sighting. One measurement for the bridge of the nose, which designed according to principle of human body may it be for women or men, suitable for any face type. INTERCHANGEABLE NOSE PIECES AND BILATERAL CLASP DESIGN: 3 sizes (S, M, L) makes goggles a perfect fit for different head sizes and shapes. Great for men, women and youths (NOT for kids). The Revolutionary Clip on and Clip off System saves swimmers and athlete's time and provides extra comfort while removing or putting on the goggles. The Bilateral Clasp Innovation allows a stronger and more fastened grip.