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Enjoy your sport much better with volleyball shoes

Volleyball is an interesting sport with quick actions and lots of jumping movements. Even though volleyball and basketball can be called as similar games, the requirements for volleyball shoes are different however. The best shoe should provide you stability and support while giving you the feeling that you are playing barefoot.

The best sole for volleyball shoes must be made of rubber and gum rubber composite. This will give the much needed traction for indoor playing surfaces. The mid sole is responsible for absorbing the shock of jumping and landing. Usually, high quality volleyball shoes are made of foam made from molded EVA or sheet. Sometimes, air, gel or liquid is also added to the mid sole to enhance shock-absorbing properties and to provide further cushioning.

Suede and mesh upper are very common with volleyball shoes. This will enhance airflow and improve the breathability of the shoe. It is also useful in making the shoes lighter in weight. Leather or synthetic leather is also used along with mesh for increased ankle support.

Even if you have the best volleyball shoes, you should ensure that you must replace the shoes periodically. Sometimes, the bottom sole may not show any significant wear, but the mid sole takes up all the shock. Ideally, you should buy volleyball shoes once in every 3-4 months if you play 3 times a week. SportsWorldNY carries numerous styles of volleyball shoes for men and women in a wide variety of sizes.