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Choose badminton shoes according to your game expertise

Badminton is a game that demands a lot of lateral movement and fast direction changes. The gear you wear while playing can seriously affect your game play. To prevent injuries during this fast paced game, you have to choose the right badminton shoes with thin sole and better grip. The shoes you wear to the game must provide good cushioning to prevent injuries. The traction and grip must be great so that you are comfortable running around on the court. Lightweight shoes will help you to increase the speed in your game.

Badminton courts usually have wood or PU surface. Some courts also have a cement surface. You should choose your shoes depending on the surface in which you play frequently. Gum rubber soles are idea if you play in wood or PU court. These shoes offer the best grip and traction. However, the soles can easily accumulate dirt and this can reduce traction. You should buy shoes with rubber soles if you play in cement court.

Beginner level players should focus more on getting shoes that will help them to stay comfortable during game play. Ergo shape shoes with power cushion will help you to focus on footwork. If you are a regular player, you need shoes that can maximize your performance. Hexagrip soles are more gripping and lightweight. Expert players prefer 3D graphite sheet sole plates along with power cushion to reduce shock while playing.