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Football shoes play a vital role in your game play

Kicking a ball is fun and even inexperienced players can enjoy playing the game. For a soccer player, the shoes are the most important part of the kit aside from the football. Many people choose shoes just because their favorite player wears it. When you want to play professionally, you have to understand that the shoes you wear don’t signify style. Rather, your shoes help you to become a better player with the support and stability.

You need to have at least two pairs of football shoes to play on different types of surface in different weather. For a wet and muddy pitch, soles with adjustable metal studs are the ideal choice. The extra traction will help you to prevent slipping. Moulded stud shoes are ideal for an outdoor pitch with a ground firm. Astroturf pitches are artificial pitches created for playing football. If you want to play on this surface, you have to find shoes with astro soles. For indoor game play on rubber crumb pitch, you can use any outdoor shoe.

The type of football shoes you need depend on your position on the field. Defender and goal keeper should buy shoes that encourage stability. Winger and forward player should choose soles that promote speed and grip with light studs. Central midfielder and wingback must choose classic football shoes that match the pitch. Strikers must always choose comfortable and lightweight shoes to stay active on the ground.