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Prevent injury and run in style with the right running shoes

Shoes are the best companions for runners. The quality of the shoes you buy will only show up after at least a few miles of running. The running shoes protect you from different types of injuries by cushioning and ensuring comfort for your feet. The wrong shoe can easily affect your running ability and you must replace worn out shoes immediately. Ideally, good quality running shoes will last for at least 4 months for regular runners.

Rather than buying shoes simply because of the brand name, you have to buy running shoes that fit your needs. Shoes designed for road running are light and flexible that cushion and stabilize feet as you run on pavements. Trail running shoes are more rugged as they have solid traction to ensure stability and support. Cross training shoes are ideal for gym workouts where thick platform sole is of less importance.

To make the right choice with new running shoes, you have to take a closer look at your old worn out shoe. Depending on the wear pattern, you can determine whether you are a pronator, overpronator or supinator.  Cushion shoes are ideal for supinators and mild pronators. Stability shoes are needed for runners with moderate overpronation. Stiffer heels are required to counteract the pressure on your feet when you are a overpronator.

SportsWorldNY carries numerous different types of running shoes for men and women so that you find the perfect math for your feet.