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Silicone Swim Cap - Allergy Free - Comfortable Fit Great for Long Hair and Short Hair - For Adults and Kids - Premium Thick Anti Rip Material - Includes Free Gift a Pair of Ear Plugs


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Manufacturer Description

Swimming is an excellent form of exercise. It's fun. It conditions your heart and lungs. It helps you lose weight and tones your arms and legs. vigorous swimming burns more calories than running at a pace of 5 miles per hour.
However, there's one thing about swimming that's not so great - it can really ruin your hair! Chlorine from the pool has a drying effect upon the tresses and can leave hair feeling like straw, prone to breakage and even green in color. Yuck! Right?

But this doesn't mean you have to stay out of the water and hold yourself from doing what you love to do. Our swim cap lets you dive in and swim to your heart's content while keeping your hair fully protected.

Shvim swim cap is known for:

A truly perfect fit:
Keeps your ear comfortably sealed and keeps the water out, So your hair stays clean.

100% Durable silicone construction:
The thicker material keeps your head warm in cold water. It stretches without tearing or ripping!

A textured interior:
Shvim swim caps stays in place with the embossed interior, not like others that slides around. It helps you focus on your stroke, and not on adjusting your cap!

Design to protect and for safety:
You wear a cap to protect your hair, not damage it! Shvim caps dont just protect your hair from the harmful effects of chlorine, But it is also designed to quickly take on and come off with ease when you want it to without snagging hair!

Oh And Of Course A trendy design:
Keeps your hair out of your face. It is a cap that doesn't lose your coolness and makes you cute looking.

Receive a Free Gift:
Buy the amazing Shvim swimming cap and receive a FREE pair of Comfortable Silicone EAR PLUGS As a personal Thank you!

Keep your hair in the best of health And have a more enjoyable swimming experience! Order your new swim cap today before it runs out of stock!

Product Features

LONG LIFE QUALITY. Swim cap is made With 100% food grade flexible silicone so its made thicker To better protect your hair and ears from chlorine and sun exposure as its Resistant to cold heat proof quality HAIR & EAR PROTECTION SWIM CAPS, due to the great quality it will protect your head from sun exposure and Your hair and ears from all kind of bacteria's and substances in the water for more enjoyable swim, and due to the thickness it will keep your head warmer In cold waters. can also be used as a shower cap NON ALLERGENIC. This silicone swimming cap is latex free and toxic free for those who are allergic to latex and it has overall a better neutral smell and It doesn't generate allergic reactions like latex does SUPER DURABILITY. Eco-friendly AND novelty AND waterproof for a more comfortable swimming experience due to the highly fashionable premium silicone that reduces drag, and it has a EMBOSSED INTERIOR for better grip and so it does not snag hai CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS OUR #1 PRIORITY. If for any reason it does not work for you it comes with a MONEY BACK GURANTEE with no questions asked