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Sports bra is a must have for athletic women

Your regular, expensive and the most supportive bra is not of great use when you participate in sports. Breast are made of soft tissues, ligaments and membranes that can be pulled and stretched to great lengths when you play a sport. Unless you wear a proper sports bra, your breast will start sagging, which all women hate.

Finding the right sports bra is important because even professional athletes admit that they make the most common sports bra mistakes. The bra you choose should support your breasts from all sides. Wearing the right fitting sports bra can reduce bouncing of breasts by 59% and these bras encourage the supporting structure of your breasts.

Shelf bra styles are suitable for women with smaller breasts. If you wear bigger cups, then you should go for encapsulation type bras. Racerback bras cinch in your back and enhance support for your breasts. Wide shoulder straps are adjustable and they are essential for bigger cups. Tank style sports bras are easy to wear, but they are not suitable for large chests as they lack adjustability and rigid front straps. Back clasp bras are much more useful as the bra’s support is carried 70% by the bands.

With proper care and maintenance, your high quality sports bra can easily last for nine months. SportsWorldNY has the best quality sports bra from international brands in various sizes and styles.

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